Friday, December 12, 2008

funny conversations with my husband

Jeremy and I like to spend our lunch breaks if we're not going anywhere e-mailing each other.

Our conversations can get pretty goofy

well anyway lately we've been talking about Christmas shopping a lot because that is what we'll be doing this weekend.

Anyway I decided to shoot him a little e-mail detailing my plans for the weekend. (side note: I'm kind of a list making freak and a little OCD about making plans)

so I shoot him an e-mail that says
Hey honey here's our weekend plans

Christmas shopping
making your co-worker's gifts
making my co-worker's gifts
putting up outside lights (yes I am one of those obnoxious people that put's up Christmas lights on my apartment balcony)
move Christmas storage boxes out of living room
present wrapping
dinner with my mom saturday night
helping my mom with her tree on Sunday

The making of gifts will mostly be me
the present wrapping I'll do

so the main things you have to help with
Christmas shopping
putting up outside lights
moving storage boxes

His cute reply was

I can try to help with wrapping presents

my reply

umm we'll see

Anyone that knows me in real life knows I'm a little OCD when it comes to making things pretty especially when it comes to packaging. I'll spend hours wrapping a gift or creating a basket just to make it perfect. So the fact that he wants to help even though he knows this melts my heart.

Ok maybe it wasn't that funny but it was hilarious to me.

Conversation #2

We're planning on a game night tonight with a co-worker friend of mine and we always order pizza

so my husband was packing our lunch this morning and one of our favorite lunches is bagel pizzas.

basically a bagel with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni's on it.

He e-mailed just a bit ago and says

I forgot we're having pizza tonight and for lunch oops.

It was funny because all he really wanted was for me to say it's ok to eat at your work's cafeteria today.

so I made him admit he was spoiled and approved him eating out. (I'm the one in our relationship who handles the budget not that he couldn't he's just not quite as obsessed with making it work as I am)

he's so gosh darn cute even a year and 1 month almost 2 months after our wedding.

Coming soon:
pics of my adorable gingerbread covered apron that I bought to make all my Christmas goodies and pics of my Christmas tree and decorations, and more pics of my spoiled fur baby playing with her new toys.

Mrs. A

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mrs.leah.maria said...

Hah! I love little snapshots into marriage! I seriously lol'd at the okaying his buying lunch, that is sooo something Tony would try to pull!

I can't wait to see pics of your apron!