Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Madness

Well today I am officially back to my regularly scheduled posting.

This is a busy week and the Holiday bustle is in full force. We ordered our photo cards that we send to out of state family yesterday with the pics you see below I think they turned out adorably cute and I can't wait for our family to receive them.

I have a busy week ahead so here's what I have to do and a few goals sprinkled in:

buy gifts for my angel tree child (this is the Salvation Army's Christmas program) you get a card with a gender and age and you buy gifts based on that for a needy child, my work does this instead of a gift exchange)

I need to finish my Christmas shopping I've got in mind what I'm getting I just need to actually pick up the gifts, thankfully I picked up my wrapping paper and all the trimmings last weekend so once I pick up the gifts I am done.

find a place to store Christmas decoration boxes they don't exactly look pretty in my living room :(

start Christmas baking I am doing several baked goodies for different things my co-workers, Jeremy's co-workers, committee groups. I really need to get started.

put up Christmas lights on our balcony.

continue with Bible study time every day either morning or evening

get Christmas cards about before December 20th

cook at home all week

finish Christmas shopping and have gifts wrapped and under tree by December 15th

Try very hard to keep apartment clean between now and Christmas

Tonight Jeremy and I are going to the Thunder game with his parents it should be fun I am excited.

Menu for the week:
Monday: eat at game

Tuesday: biscuit topped casserole

Wednesday: homemade pizza

Thursday: chicken alfredo casserole

Friday: meatloaf

Saturday: homemade Chili

Sunday: chicken cacciatore

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