Sunday, December 7, 2008

playing catch up

Well I missed almost a whole week of blogging thanks to my stupid shoulder but I'm happy to say it's feeling much better. See I have a shoulder injury from college I was a college cheerleader in my former life and it never fails that I re-injure it at least once a year. Last year I dropped a bookcase shelf on it. This year I had the car door slam on it. Ah the life of a former athlete.

Anyway what better way to catch up than with pictures.

First and foremost my three awesome desserts from Thanksgiving.
pumpkin pie, red velvet cake, and pecan pie.


All the baking went fairly smooth I posted earlier about me finding baking success by wearing my i-pod arm band. Anyway I only had slight issues with the red velvet cake. Hint: condensed buttermilk does not work in cake recipes just FYI :) we made a late night run to the grocery store the night before thanksgiving because I refused to not make the red velvet cake. I think my hubby was glad I did he really enjoyed that cake and is already asking when I'm going to make another one.

And now without further ado our little family's Christmas pictures. Can you imagine trying to take a self portrait with a dog who's a little ADD well here's the good ones and I'll save the hilarity that was all our failed attempts for another day. I can't wait til we get our cards in.

Here's our four legged child she is the most spoiled labrador on the face of the earth and I think she truly believes she's human. But who could resist spoiling that pretty girl. Sigh I'm a proud canine mommy.


Here's my handsome hubby with his baby girl.


and of course no family photo session would be complete without a pic of me and my girl.


my fierce red heels are some of my faves.

and here it is the winner after many many attempts at a perfect Christmas card photo.


I think we did pretty good for an amateur photo and I adore the color tint feature on my camera I thought it made for a really neat picture.

Well I hope you enjoyed my photo re-cap tomorrow I'll be back to my regular scheduled posting.


Mrs. A

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Chelsie said...

Yay for your shoulder feeling better and being able to blog again.

Love red velvet cake. We served it at our wedding, and it went very quickly.

Cute Christmas pictures! I was so sad we forgot to take our pictures over Thanksgiving break and so we aren't going to do Christmas cards this year. Oh well always next year. Yours turned out very cute and love the red tint!