Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Goals

1. pay off all consumer debt
(I just finished updating our budget for 2009 and inputting our information into my debt tracking spreadsheet)

2. put more money into our emergency fund

3. get to gym 3+ times a week and get body fat percentage under a certain #
(I like being more toned than I am now)

4. get organized
(I am having a big purging day tomorow at the apartment to get this off to a start)

5. read through the Bible in one year by following reading plan in back of my daily planner

6. inquire about taking online classes

7. pray with Jeremy everyday instead of just when we're dealing with a huge crisis or a huge blessing

8. take better care of myself over all

9. finally get our apartment decorated how I want it

10. take a cake decorating class and make some gorgeous cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for friends and family this year

11. no soda after 4PM and limit soda to 1 per day

12.try at least one new recipe every 2 weeks

13. have a mother/daughter day once a month with my mom

14. stick to weekly cleaning schedule

15. start going to the doctor more regularly for check ups and things so as to prevent issues like my current sleep deprivation.

I could go on but I think this is a pretty good list.

Happy New Year's Eve everyone see you in 2009!

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Chelsie said...

We have lots of similar goals. Make sure you give us lots of updates, which I am sure you will :) Good luck!