Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Christmas, (an open letter to this wonderful time of year)


If you're going to make all my projects go wrong then I just won't do them. Seriously stop making little things off so my projects aren't completed on time or if they are completed they are rushed. I would really like to enjoy the Holiday and be in the spirit and all that but if you make me stand in one more line full of rude people I might just burst and throw things at said rude people, if you're going to make me burn one more batch of melting chocolate in the microwave because I don't have a double boiler I might throw the burnt stuff at the Christmas tree. If you're going to make the gift wrapping ribbons all come lose because the present got moved I'm going to wrap everything in newspaper! If you're going to make me so stressed that I forget about the real meaning of Christmas then I don't want any part of it. I really would just enjoy a few days of things going right that's all I really want for Christmas. Oh yeah and since I smashed my finger in the car door playing the piano for sunday services is out of the question. Yeah thanks a lot Christmas. Oh and one more things what's with the bitter freaking cold and freezing sleet and no pretty white stuff! :(

You're Frazzled and frustrated,

Yes this is how my week is going no I'm not going to quit Christmas but I sure felt like it last night making peppermint bark and burning the chocolate repeatedly, and yesterday morning after smashing my pinkie in my car door, and after standing in lines at least 5 times.

Ok vent over back to the regularly scheduled Christmas cheer :)

(singing to self)
"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas"

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Chelsie said...

Sorry your frazzled. Hope things go better for you!